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Last update 27/01/23

Welcome to the New Plymouth Amateur Radio Club, Branch 27 of NZART – (New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters).  We are a friendly bunch of people who have at least one thing in common – a love of radio.  Everything from communicating locally on VHF or UHF frequencies, or to the world on HF is covered.  Long talks with one person or competitions for the most contacts. Whether you prefer to use a microphone, computer, or the good old dots and dashes on the morse key, we do it all.
Our meetings start off with an interesting talk, an activity, or even something to build and take home.  Visitors welcome.
New members are always welcome, and we can arrange training and examinations to get you on the air.


Taranaki Emergency Management Office (TEMO), 45 Robe Street, New Plymouth.

Note: In the 2021 upgrade, the TEMO building was made more accessible, including the addition of a wheelchair lift. If you require this to attend meetings, please let us know. We would be happy to help you.



The recent HamCram was attended by 11 students. After two full days of tuition, they were put through the exam. The end result had 7 new hams for Branch 27, and 2 for Branch 87 in South Taranaki. The remaining 2 candidates will undergo further study and sit an exam when ready. Congratulations to the successful candidates, and best wishes for the others.

Next Club Nights.

Tuesday, 16 April – 7:30pm at TEMO

Guest speaker tonight from Hato Hone St John Ambulance. Supper to follow.

Tuesday, 21 May – 7:30pm at TEMO

Main speaker or topic yet to be confirmed. The club night will follow the committee meeting which starts at 6:30pm. Tonight a vote will be taken on how our delegate will vote on the remits at the King’s Birthday weekend conference.

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If you have any interesting amateur radio related pictures, stories, QSL cards, etc. that could be included on this site, please email to  [email protected] 


Up-coming Events:

NZART Conference, 1st and 2nd June 2024.

The NZART Conference will be held at the Wigram Airforce Museum in Christchurch over King’s Birthday Weekend. Saturday has the AGM followed by the AREC Forum. In the evening, the dinner will be held in the Aircraft Hall. Sunday has a range of forums to attend – something for every interest. An alternative program for the non-amateur will operate both days. As an added bonus, the museum is offering 6 different tours around parts of the museum the public rarely gets to see. All conference attendees can register for these tours at no extra cost. For further information or to register, the conference website is <hamradio.co.nz>

International Lighthouse Weekend, 17th and 18th August

The International Lighthouse Weekend is a fun event to promote awareness of Lighthouses and LifeBoat crews worldwide. In the 2023 event, a small team from Branch 27 and Branch 87 set up a multi-radio station at Cape Egmont. From there, we worked plenty of DX and told other stations our lighthouse number: NZ0003. Contacting other lighthouse stations was great, but contacts could be with any amateur, anywhere. If you would be interested in joining the action this year, please let Doug know at <[email protected]>  Further information on the event can be found at <ILLW.net>


Past Club Events | Upcoming Club Events