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Last update 21/02/22

Welcome to the New Plymouth Amateur Radio Club, Branch 27 of NZART – (New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters).  We are a friendly bunch of people who have at least one thing in common – a love of radio.  Everything from communicating locally on VHF or UHF frequencies, or to the world on HF is covered.  Long talks with one person or competitions for the most contacts. Whether you prefer to use a microphone, computer, or the good old dots and dashes on the morse key, we do it all.
Our meetings start off with an interesting talk, an activity, or even something to build and take home.  Visitors welcome.
New members are always welcome, and we can arrange training and examinations to get you on the air.


Our meeting venue is Taranaki Emergency Management Office (TEMO), 45 Robe Street, New Plymouth.

Taranaki Emergency Management Office (TEMO), 45 Robe Street, New Plymouth.


Next General Meetings.


Tuesday 18th January, 2022 – the on-air edition.

The January club meeting is held over the 720 repeater link at 7pm

Tuesday 15th February, 2022

Meeting held at TEMO starting at 7:30pm

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If you have any interesting amateur radio related pictures, stories, QSL cards, etc. that could be included on this site, please email to  [email protected] 


Up-coming Events.

Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th Feb- Jock White Field Day.

New Plymouth Branch 27 is planning to be on air from the Onaero Bay Holiday Park. The event allows a few hours to set up, and then the contacts begin from 3pm Saturday. There are no contacts to be made between midnight and 6am, and runs again until no later than 3pm. If you are able to join us, feel free to come out and take a 30 minute slot on either the 80m or 40m band. A radio is set up for each.


Past Club Events | Upcoming Club Events

Video Amateur Radio – A 21st Century Hobby.


The ZL Awards Net.

This 80m net is held every night at 9:00pm on 3.677 MHz.  Often the net controller takes no check-ins.  They have been big supporters of our Taranaki Award, so how about supporting them back.  If you are able to get on, go for it.