The Taranaki Award 2019

This year’s award
  1. The Award will run from Thursday 3rd October till  Monday 7th October 2019 Inclusive
    It is available to all Amateurs and short wave Listeners.
  2. Contacts may be made on any band, any mode. Each station may be worked ONCE ONLY for each separate application for the Award.

Compulsory contact with Special Station   ZL6RFA    5 points
(We are retaining our call sign from our previous Rhododendron Festival award )

Contact with Taranaki Club Stations

  • New Plymouth          Branch 27      ZL2AB            3 points 
  • Waitara                      Branch 47      ZL2TO            3 points 
  • South Taranaki         Branch 87      ZL2QF            3 points 
  • Inglewood                  Branch 19      ZL2PT            3 points   
  • Hawera                       Branch 14      ZL2HWA        3 points
  • Opunake                  Branch 32     ZL2ANN        3 points

Each additional Taranaki station (A Station whose base is in Taranaki)  1 point

Copy of log and fee of $5.00 to arrive before the  21st October
Total Points needed for award  25 points

Paper logs and electronic logs both welcome. Electronic can be sent to: [email protected]  or [email protected]

and paper logs to:

The Award Custodian
New Plymouth Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 799
New Plymouth  4310

  • Logs must be signed and include full name, call sign,address of operator, and show final score (points claimed) The senders email address in the message header will count as a signature.
  • Logs must be legible. No logs will be returned.
  • Electronic logs may be in cabrillo,spreadsheet (.xls, numeric .ods), document (.odt .doc .docx) or ADIF
  • Decision of the contest manager will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Log to include:

DATE  TIME  BAND  MODE CALL SIGN  Sig report (HF) Name  QTH   Points

A summary page should be prepared showing:

Name, Call sign, Points claimed for each certificate if multi band or multi mode and payment value stated

Payments can be made to TSB account: 153942 0001086 00
Please add your  Call sign & T Award as a reference
Please make cheques out to New Plymouth Amateur Radio Club

Fee including return Postage
Certificate   $5.00 each

Overseas station requires only 6 points and DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE the COMPULSORY CONTACT.
Overseas award application Fee USD $6.00 or fair equivalent NO IRC or STAMPS PLEASE

The Award Certificate will be a Print of painting of Mt Taranaki/ Egmont
(New Print each year)

Taranaki stations will be available  each day on National System and local repeaters, and will try and come up when possible.  Good time around 7pm

Taranaki Award Net  –   3.660 MHZ +/-   8 pm NZDT each evening  0700 UTC
The ZL Awards Net  –   3.677 MHz   from 9  pm each evening  0800 UTC

In Conjunction with the Taranaki Award
We will be running the Dan Wilkinson Memorial Contest


  1. Certificates will be awarded in two categories for 1st, 2nd and 3rd The categories are:
    a. Taranaki stations
    b. Those outside the region. (Click here for results 2007-present)
  2. The Wooden Trophy to be awarded to the outside the Taranaki region station who has the most contacts with Taranaki stations. The Taranaki station contacted can only be used for scoring once, regardless of what bands they are contacted on. The Trophy is to be held by winner for 12 months.
  3. The Dan Wilkinson Memorial Stone Trophy will be engraved with the Taranaki station with the most points. However because of the size and weight of the Trophy it will remain in the club rooms of Branch 27

Dan Wilkinson was the original holder of the call ZL2AB