Dan Wilkinson Memorial Contest

Dan Wilkinson was the original holder the ZL2AB club callsign.

The contest is run in conjunction with the annual Taranaki Award

Certificates for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be awarded to both Taranaki and non-Taranaki stations who collect the most points.

The Dan Wilkinson Memorial Stone Trophy will be engraved with the name and callsign of the Taranaki station with the highest number of points. However because of the sheer size and weight of the trophy it will remain the clubrooms.

The Wooden Trophy will be awarded to the non-Taranaki station with the highest number of points. The Trophy must be returned in time for following years Award/Contest.

dan memorial1
Taranaki Station Award

dan memorial2
Non-Taranaki Station Award
Year Placing Taranaki Stations Non-Taranaki Stations
2015 1st ZL2JBK – Jonny Bollond
ZL2KGF – Kyle Francis
ZL2LDX – Don Lauder
2014 1st ZL2APV – Graeme Jury ZL2FC – Colin Coutts
2013 1st ZL2AHY – Colin Howard ZL2FC – Colin Coutts
2012 No Award
2011 1st ZL2AIB – Bill Campbell ZL1IV – Adam Rubie
2010 1st ZL2LK – Trevor Taylor ZL2LDX – Don Lauder
2009 1st ZL1IV – Adam Rubie Zl2LH – Murray Wakefield
2008 1st ZL2LK – Trevor Taylor ZL2LDX – Don Lauder
2007 1st ZL2AIB – Bill Campbell