Urenui YFC Trail Ride 2020

The first of two Trail Rides this year was a huge success. New Plymouth Amateur Radio Club set up at 6 locations around the course, and utilised the STSP (Short Term, Special Purpose) repeater. Due to the terrain, communication was not possible between all checkpoints using our designated simplex frequencies, but the repeater made this possible. The site for this was in the centre of the course near a Primo wireless site.

It took 12 operators to cover the event. Due to some of the team unavailable for the second event, we still have need of some members to assist on 8th February. Please let us know if you can come. All checkpoints had at least two people, and if one had to move away for any reason, they remained in radio contact with the other operator and the checkpoint.

Here are a few photos of the day’s action from Greg, and Doug and Brett’s checkpoint site. Also a map of the course.